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Hannabach was established in Germany in 1869 and is recognised as one of the premier classical string manufacturers in the world today.

Since 1869 Hannabach has been making the finest quality strings for the most demanding musicians.

Today Hannabach offers a broad range of styles and tensions.

From oktave guitar to double bass and everything in between. The right string for every style and need.

Strings made in Germany using the latest scientific methods, the finest materials and good old fashioned family craftsmanship.

Always in tune with your needs…

Hannabach Classical Guitar String Set “E800″ series. Black, medium tension. Clear nylon trebles and silverplated basses.

The ever so popular Hannbach E800 are now available in single strings!

#97788 Hannabach Med Tension Single E 1st

#97789 Hannabach Med Tension Single B 2nd

#97790 Hannabach Med Tension Single G 3rd

#97791 Hannabach Med Tension Single D 4th

#97792 Hannabach Med Tension Single A 5th

Hannabach Med Tension Single E 6th

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