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Eddy Finn Ukulele Company is not just a maker of great ukes and accessories, it’s a unique lifestyle all it’s own. They take pride in building high quality ukes at very affordable prices and offer a wide variety of exotic woods that appeal to players and collectors alike. They also have a good selection of standard uke tone woods that have been the norm for many years.

Offering so many varieties of wood allows them to design each model to have a unique look and tone of it’s own. We’re not saying that playing an Eddy Finn will totally change your life…but you might want to buy a pair of sunglasses and pluggers.

From the distinctive soundhole resonance to the exotic woods used to hand craft each one to tonal perfection, every one has a song waiting to be played.

As Eddy Finn reason “Think of it this way, ‘any old uke’ is something you buy but an Eddy Finn?…
…well, that is something you keep.”

The first shipment of Eddy Finns have arrived in Australia and we’ve gone ukulele crazy!!

Eddy Finn ukes are created by builders committed to the idea of making the best possible uke for your money. Eddy Finn like to think that quality still matters and that attention to detail isn’t something to ignore and that if you put all the little elements together the right way, it can produce great results. Eddy Finn prove that with every uke they make, whether it’s the least or most expensive model, they’re always striving to make it perfect.

Eddy Finn are all about Attention to Detail, Lifestyle and Having Fun!


Eddy Finn has a ukulele to suit your every need; Eddy Finn ukuleles range from travel beach party ukes to stage performing ukes with pickups, and everything in-between.

Coloured Minnows

The soprano Eddy Finn Minnow is the perfect travel uke due to its short stature but ability to deliver a great big tone anywhere anytime.

Good enough to jam anywhere and cheap enough to replace if you happen to knock it overboard.


Few snaps of the range:

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Eddy Finn pickup / tuner

It’s everything you need to plug in and go live!

A fantastic preamp that is specifically designed for  the ukulele including 3-band eq that lets you dial up the perfect tone on the live stage, in the studio. Plus, having a dedicated uke tuner on-board makes tuning quick and easy!


For the full range of Eddy Finn Ukuleles please visit:

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