Violin Bridge-Despiau 11 C Treated 38mm-3/4


3/4 Violin Bridge "Despiau" Model #11 - (Grade C) - Treated. Made in France. Leg width: 3/4=38mm.

Unfitted. The feet need to be fitted to the arch of the belly and the top of the bridge shaped to the right height. For best results, bridges should be fitted by a trained luthier.

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Model #11


V11 Standard Violin


Despiau Grade Guide


A • • • Quality : Very regular and fine grain, very strong medullary rays on the whole surface.

B • • Quality : Regular and fine grain, strong medullary rays.

C  Quality : Fairly fine and regular grain, well pronounced medullary rays.

D Quality : Wider and fairly regular grain, quite pronounced medullary rays

E Quality : Very wide and less regular grain, less pronounced medullary rays.

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