Banjo Capo-Shubb Banjo/Mand Flat Blk C5K


Shubb Banjo “Noir” Capo in Black. Suitable for banjos, mandolins, bouzoukis and some baritone ukuleles. Elegant and inconspicuous look with integrated roller design, rounded edges and countered lever for easy use, smoother action and reduced wear. 

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  • Colour: Noir/ Black
  • Material: Machined of brass and plated in black chrome
  • Suitable: Banjos, also fits most mandolins and bouzoukis, and may be suitable for some baritone ukuleles with very large necks



  • Elegant and inconspicuous look onstage and off
  • Perfect for instruments with black hardware or any dark finished instrument
  • Integrated roller design offers smoother action, superior geometry and reduced wear
  • Rounded edges, making the Capo softer to the touch
  • Contoured lever allows easy use
  • Innovative design with patented locking action
  • Delivers unmatched power, speed and accuracy
  • Locks securely in place
  • No re-tuning necessary
  • Pressure is totally adjustable  

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