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Aquila Uke String Set-Sugar Series-Concert 152U


Concert Ukulele SET. Sugar series. 152U.
  • Tuning: Key of C - GCEA
  • Composition: 4 Synthetic strings with High G

More details

The  Aquila Sugar Ukulele strings are made using a blend with a recently discovered  bio plastic material derived from sugar cane. With a transparent look, the sound of these strings is clearly brilliant, clean and prompt. Unlike the Fluorocarbon strings, these strings have an excellent vibrato and a significant timbre variation when playing very close to the bridge and then up on the sound hole. In other words, they contain in their extremes the sweetness and 'sing' ability of Nylon and the clearness and promptness typical of Fluorocarbon. These strings feature characteristic sustain and unprecedented sound projection. Although the surface is extremely smooth, the grip on the fingers is remarkable. The material is very clear and transparent similar to a crystal-glass. Importantly, this new material has very low moisture absorbtion, assuring a stable intonation under himidity changes,

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