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Ukulele Brass Capo-Shubb C9b


Shubb “Ukulele” Capo in Plain Brass made specifically for ukuleles. No tuning problems, ingenious design, and patented locking action for ease of use and unmatched quality. Perfect fit for a wide range of ukuleles. 

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  • Instrument: Ukulele
  • Colour: Plain Brass
  • Material: Unplated brass
  • Suitable: Perfect fit on all tenors, sopranos, concerts and baritones (except some baritones with very large necks)



  • Closes onto a smaller neck and accommodates the slightly wider fretboard of a ukulele (compared to the banjo capo).
  • Sets the standard as the Original Shubb Capo
  • Plain, unplated brass will darken in time
  • If you want brass to shine, easy to polish with a cloth and any metal polish
  • Perfect choice for instruments with gold coloured hardware, and a natural for those who fancy a retro look
  • Ingenious design with patented over-centre locking action
  • Unmatched combination of power, speed, accuracy and ease of use
  • Locks securely in place
  • No tuning problems and no re-tuning necessary
  • Precisely machined and carefully hand assembled

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