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Dr Ducks UKE Fretboard Info Chart 43x28cm


A3 - Ukulele Fretboard, Tuning and General Information


For use with Soprano (standard), Concert and Tenor Ukuleles.

More details


-Has the names of each note on the ukulele fretboard up to the 15th. fret - Colocoded for naturals, sharps and flats.

-Explains that for every sharp, there is a flat that represents the same note/chord.

-The 1st. and 3rd. strings go up and down the fretboard in sharps

-The 2nd. and 4th. strings go up and down the fretboard in flats

-Explains "Ascending the Fretboard" - vs - "Descending the Fretboard"

-Explains "Half Steps" - vs - "Full / Whole Steps"

-Shows diagrams for the 5 major chord positions - F, C, G, D and A

-Explains as you Barre (bar) any of the chord diagrams or any other chord diagram from "The Practical Ukulele Chord Chart" side ..the name of the Barre chords will be called the same names as the notes are called - and in the same progression (order) as the notes are positioned on the fretboard.

-Shows how to read tab..both single notes and chords with diagrams

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