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Schaller Flagship Piezo Preamp-3way


Schaller preamp flagship 3-way in Nickel. A ground-breaking class-A preamp which flawlessly integrates sound, innovation and performance with an impressive dynamic range of 115 dB. 

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Main Features:

-          Model: Preamp Flagship (3-way)

-          Model: 3-Way-Rotary-Switch

-          Surface: Plain

-          Colours: Nickel

-          Measurements (l x w x h): 90x29x10mm

-          Weight: 43 g/item


A ground-breaking class-A preamp that produces clear smooth highs, soulful mids and bodacious bass combined with an impressive dynamic range of 115 dB will lead your inspiration to new levels.

With a true bandwidth of 1Hz to 20 kHz at +/- 0 dB our state-of-the-art Flagship circuitry provides unprecedented signal fidelity along with exceptional operational convenience. It possesses leading-edge rail-to-rail technology which allows a single 9V alkaline battery to provide you with 1.000+ hours of play time.

This Flagship preamp holds a self-sensing circuitry automatically switching in mono- or stereo-operation respectively by sensing which kind of chord you plugged in. In addition the Flagship preamp offers an ultra-silent operation with a signal-to-noise ratio of -115 dB and a noise floor of just 20 dBµV. Schaller‘s own Flagship gold contact 3-way rotary switch lets you choose from a vast variety of piezo and magnetic switching options and combinations never seen in any preamp before. (Note: The Flagship 3-way rotary switch is for controlling the preamp only. It does not replace the guitar`s 5-way lever or 3-way toggle pickup selector!)


-          Suitable for all piezo pickup systems

-          Plug & play

-          Solder free connections


3-Way Rotary  Switching Options in Mono- and Stereo-Mode:

Pos 1     piezo signal into FlagShip preamp
Pos 2     magnetic pickups and piezo signal into FlagShip preamp
Pos 3     magnetic pickups pure and unaltered / electric true bypass


Features, specs & benefits:

-          Advanced class A circuitry for sweet, transparent sound

-          Compact, robust and perfectly shielded

-          Attractive and protective casing with see-through window

-          Original Schaller gold contact 3-way rotary switch for outstanding signal flow and switching options

-          Stereo/mono self-sensing and –adjusting circuitry (no extra switch required)

-          Rail-to-rail energy efficiency technology

-          Reverse polarity and static discharge circuit protection

-          Automatic power shut-off when cable is disconnected

-          Plug-in contacts for easy solder-free installation

-          1.000+ hours of playtime on a single 9V alkaline battery

-          True 1Hz - 20kHz bandwidth at +/-0 dB

-          Ultra-quiet -115 dB signal-to-noise ratio

-          Input impedance: 3 mega ohms magnetic / 1 mega ohm piezo

-          Output impedance: 5 kilo ohms

-          All parts and components 100% made in Germany

-          Comes complete with preamp, 5-way lever, mono-/stereo-jack, Schaller control potentiometer (22K-Ohm), wiring and plugs

-          Weight in grams: 49

-          Size in mm: 89 x 24 x 7


Volume piezo bridge and passive pickup with variable adjustment.
Supplied with a stereo jack socket. This allows the piezo and pickup signal to be separated using a stereo splitter y-cable and then connected to two different amps or channels.

Caution: When a connection is made to pickups that are already live, the output signal increases automatically!

A 9 volt battery can be used as a general power supply.
Please note that piezo bridges are not earthed.

A comprehensive instruction and installation guide with additional detailed information and illustrations are available to download on the Schaller website under products/product help/flagship.  

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