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Double Bass Pickup-K&K Bass Max USA


The Bass Max is a double bass transducer pickup with sandwich design for "quick wedge-mount" in one bridge wing. Evenly picks up all 4 strings and sound from body for full tone and power.

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The Bass Max is a transducer pickup designed specifically for double bass. It uses a "sandwich" design with two piezos layered together, one facing up and one down. This allows for a quick and simple wedge-mount into a bridge wing and ensures even transmission from the strings and from the body of the instrument.

The Bass Max is very sturdy and has a high output signal that is balanced over the whole tone range. It is suitable for both arco and pizzicato playing styles because it transmits a broader mid frequency range. This enables the musician to change playing modes without having to adjust the amplifier. The connection jack is held in place by a special attachment clamp mounted at the A and D strings between the tailpiece and bridge.

The wrapped cable eliminates disturbance. One Bass Max will evenly pick up the tone range of the double bass. It works very well with smaller bass combo amps.


The Bass Max can also be ordered as part of the K&K Golden Trinity system (SKU# 44119) which comes with a Golden Bullet URB that can be blended in with the included Trinity preamp. 


The Bass Max is versatile for all styles of upright bass, but Rockabilly players may be interested in the K&K Bassmaster Rockabilly system (SKU# 44116) which includes dedicated fingerboard pickup and 2 channel preamp

Bass Max Mounted Img



  • Diameter: 22 mm
  • Thickness: 5 mm
  • Output impedance: high ohmic
  • Output: 1/4"
  • Connection cable length: 6"

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