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K&K Upright Bass Fingerboard Pickup


Single fingerboard pickup for upright bass. Designed to capture the slap and growl essential for the rockabilly sound. Recommended to be used in tandem with a bridge pickup - see K&K Bass Master Rockabilly for a full system with preamp.

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This specially modified single pickup is ideal for capturing fingerboard sounds essential for the rockabilly sound.

Its unique size and shape allows precise placement and a preamp allows rockabilly bass players to blend in just the right amount of slap, growl, and other fingerboard sounds to achieve the exact sound and effect they desire.

For best results, place the fingerboard pickup near the top of your fingerboard, on the reverse side. Double-sided adhesive tape for installation is included.


See K&K Bass Master Rockabilly (SKU# 44116) for a full system including bridge pickup and preamp

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