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John Pearse String Swipes (20 Pack of Wipes)


Pack of 20 individually-sealed string swipes designed to protect your strings and extend their life.

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John Pearse® String Swipes™

Swipe (then wipe with a soft cloth) your strings when you first put them on the instrument and before you play. This leaves a microscopic barrier that protects the strings which feel smoother and will finger faster.

Swipe, then wipe, your strings after you play to remove any damaging skin oils AND to remove and suspend any oxidation, keeping the strings sounding better, longer!

Now if you let someone play your instrument, YOU won't have to worry about immediately changing strings! So no more "Acid" hands! AND, you won't have to change brands to try to get longer life from your strings.

Keep the swipe in a plastic bag to avoid any evaporation. Great for banjo, autoharp, guitar, hammer dulcimer, mandola, pedal steel, violin, zither, and on and on! John Pearse® String Swipes™ with CAIG DeOxit--if you are serious about sound!

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