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Violin/Cello Rosin- Larica Gold Grade III


Larica Gold Grade III Violin/Cello Rosin. Radiant tone, balanced reaction of the instrument, high tolerance for humidity and temperature variations, reduced squeaks, low dust.

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The LARICA Metal Rosin gives the instrument a large, radiant sound. The good and even sound from the bow, as well as the rosin’s high tolerance to temperature and humidity changes, provides trustworthy support to bring forth music in varying situations. Unwanted sounds are reduced to a minimum, and people with allergies appreciate the low amounts of dust.


The scale of hardness for rosin ranges from I-VI, hardest to softest. For most instruments, there are two grades of hardness to choose from. The softer grades essentially help the hard and sharp sounds of an instrument produce a milder and nobler tone quality. The harder grades can bring more clarity and exactitude to a softer tone.



-          The ingredient Gold gives the LARICA Metal Rosin an especially balanced characteristic. The tone is full, harmonious, round, warm, voluminous, and at the same time, radiant and clear. It is most suited to give the instrument a variety of colourful tones.

-          The addition of Meteoric Iron brings forth a powerful and shining tone. The quality of sound in comparison to the Gold is more focused and energetic.  This Rosin is favourable for solos because the tone carries well over long distances.

-          Rosin with the addition of Tin, in comparison to Gold, gives the instrument a warmer and more concentrated, clear tone. It maintains full, smooth, radiating sound in higher ranges.

-          Silver as an addition, gives a brighter tone colour. Its character is rather slender, concentrated and smooth. In higher ranges, it keeps a pleasant sound.

-          The addition of Copper gives an instrument a very warm, graceful and velvety tone. The rosin made with Copper is very supportive for beginning players.

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