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K&K UltraPure Acoustic Guitar Pickup and Preamp system Original


Designed for easy installation, this active system incorporates an onboard preamp (mounted within soundhole) and the award winning Pure pickup

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The UltraPure Western is an active system for steel string guitar. It comprises a three-head bridge plate pickup, an onboard preamp with soundhole access, an endpin jack, and a Velcro mounted 9-volt battery holder. The pickup is based on K&K's time-tested Pure Mini, which excels at amplifying the natural tone of your guitar. The UltraPure preamp offers precise 3 band EQ as well as a gain control to finetune bass, mid, treble and gain in a system that is easily mounted within the soundhole of your guitar without permanent modification.

K&K's goal was to build an acoustic guitar transducer system that does not sound as harsh and percussive as the common state-of-the-art saddle transducers do. K&K spent R&D time looking for a warmer, more "microphone-like" tone with the ability to achieve the high-gain-before-feedback characteristics of saddle pickups. After thorough testing they concluded that surface transducers positioned directly underneath the bridge inside the guitar body represent the ideal solution by yielding an excellent response from the guitar top, while minimizing feedback problems.

The onboard preamp features 3 band EQ, volume control and battery indicator. Also available to special order as a system for 12 String or Nylon string guitars (contact us for details).

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