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K&K Bug Pickup External Single Hot Spot


Single External Hot Spot Pick-Up

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This single-head piezo transducer is a small, universal, entry level transducer with a better than entry level sound. It is perfect for smaller instruments and it can be used for hand drums and many other percussion instruments. Whenever small size is an issue, the Hot Spot is a great choice. Its small head is only 1/2" in diameter and 1/32" thick and allows for an unobtrusive installation.

The Hot Spot comes with special double side adhesive film and self adhesive jack mounting clip. Its frequency range is close to perfectly linear and the output signal is very high for a piezo of this small size. Many experimental projects have been done with the Hot Spot, like installing pickups on the fingertips of a glove or using them as "knocking" sensors in car engines.

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