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K&K Pure Floating Bridge - Dual Transducer Pickup


Designed especially for instruments with floating bridges. Can be installed without modification to guitar.

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A solution for amplifying floating bridge instruments with a warm and powerful sound

The Pure Floating Bridge Pickup is designed especially for instruments with floating bridges. It features an extremely high output signal, warm and powerful sound, plus it is capable of extremely high volume without feedback.

The pickup is sandwiched between the feet of the floating bridge and the soundboard. This position allows the pickup to "hear" the soundboard as well as the bridge and strings in perfect balance. If the jack is installed on the outside of the instrument, it can be installed with no (or minor) modifications to the bridge or instrument. If you prefer to install the pickup with an internally mounted jack, we recommend leaving this task to a professional.


The Pure Floating Bridge pickup works well as a passive pickup but some players may desire to pair it with either the Pure Preamp (SKU# 54302) or the Pure XLR Preamp (SKU# 54300)

For the original Pure Pickup for steel string guitars please see SKU# 54105, and for 12-string acoustic guitars the Pure 12-string (SKU# 54108) features larger transducers for a stronger response.


An internal shot of a typical Pure Floating pickup installation:

Pure Floating installation



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