K&K Pure XLR Mach 2 Preamp w/ Balanced XLR + Parametric EQ


K&K's premium preamp for the Pure pickup series. Its 'voltage doubled' 18v design gives extra headroom and signal clarity that cannot be achieved on a standard 9 volt system. Features extra outputs, mute switch and comprehensive EQ including notch filter for feedback control. Does not include power pack.

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What makes the Pure XLR Mach 2 Preamp sound so good?

The circuit runs on a “voltage doubler” that provides 18 volts to the internal components even though it uses standard 9 volt input voltage. The result is high-powered clarity that simply cannot be achieved with a regular 9-volt circuit!

Electronic circuits work more efficiently on higher power and electronic components designed for low power consumption will never sound as good as the more power-hungry components that are optimized for tone quality.

There is a direct relation between power consumption and sound quality, meaning that preamps with 200+ hours battery life will compromise on sound quality. Phantom powered preamps, depending on their complexity, also need to compromise on power consumption issues as phantom power fluctuates and diminishes with the number of consumers connected.

Generally, low power consumption equals less high-end response, less headroom (circuit peaks or overloads sooner), and less overall clarity.

K&K have always favored sound quality over power consumption in their external preamp line, but with the Pure XLR Mach 2 Preamp they went even further and developed this 18 volt system.

If the benefits of the 18 volt system wasn't enough, K&K added a few more things that players have asked for:

  • +/- 15dB Parametric band that covers 150Hz to 700Hz with adjustable notch width
  • Full bypass of parametric stage if not needed
  • Tuner output
  • Mute switch input

In addition to these features:

  • Proprietary K&K high-power three band EQ (bass – mid – treble)
  • Adjustable input gain
  • Phase switch
  • Master volume
  • Simultaneously usable 1/4” line out and balanced XLR – DI output


The tuner output allows you to connect your tuner “open ended," so there will be no signal degradation by passing through it and no switch noise.

The Pure XLR Mach 2 Preamp preserves harmonics and overtones and provides a more open and true acoustic sound response. The additional parametric band allows you to fine-adjust the low mid / high bass band for optimum tone and feedback control.


For the absolute best performance and truest acoustic tone, K&K's innovative Pure XLR Mach 2 coupled with their tried and tested K&K Pure pickups is unbeatable.

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