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Generation Elf Song EnChantress D for Bagpipers


Introducing the Elf Song EnChantress by Generation. Designed by Sandy Jasper and brought to life by Generation Music, the EnChantress combines the traditional fingering of the great highland bagpipes with Generation’s world-renowned flageolet mouthpiece.

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Bagpipers can play, learn, teach, practice or perform music on a whistle developed just for them. No more transposing or re-learning fingering. No more keeping families awake during practice, and no more having to tune other instruments to Bb just so the pipers can join in. The EnChantress is tuned to D to match the most commonly played penny whistle key so pipers can join in around the campfire, at a session or on stage.


Practice traditional bagpipe ornamentation or take your playing to the next level by adding tin whistle embellishments including slides, stops, tonguing and rolls! The EnChantress allows you to explore new ways of playing by increasing your range to two octaves instead of one. There is no limit to how or where you can play the EnChantress, just your imagination.

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