Haines Keyboard Lab (Series 5) For 12


Haines keyboard lab (series 5) for 12. The laboratory comes as a ready to go pack and is designed for use in schools and colleges for the Music Teacher who wishes to utilise their electronic keyboards in an imaginative and practical way.

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The Haines Lab is compatible with all major brands and models of electronic keyboard. All the components are made to the highest technical standards by a leading educational scientific manufacturer in the UK - Philip Harris. The new series V Laboratory Control console is a completely new teaching concept. Computer designed, it offers a comprehensive range of features which are logical and straightforward to use. Easy to set up and compatible with the existing Series II Laboratory equipment, the series V gives the teacher a totally flexible method of linking up electronic keyboards for teaching purposes. Without the laboratory, the student may listen only to their own keyboard. The Haines laboratory opens up a new world to the pupil and teacher alike. Now music can be taught like any other subject with different activities going on in the same room.Talk back to individual pupils and incorporating an all-call facility. 3 Group facility where teacher can link up to 4 keyboards per group - ideal for performance and composition projects. Monitor any of the 12 pupils' keyboards. Can be adapted for different instruments (i.e. electric violin, electric guitar or silent brass, etc) by use of a simple preamp option. Supplied with control console, teacher's mic-headset, 12 pupil headsets, all connecting DIN, keyboard leads and keyboard junction boxes. Computer designed in the UK.

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