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Viola Tailpiece Wire-83mm Flexible 38-42cm


Wittner Viola Flexible Stainless Steel Tailpiece Wire. Fits tailpieces 38-42cm. Cable Length 83mm. Overall Length: 137mm. Diameter: 2.2mm. Evidently improves sound, doesn’t stretch, fits snugly and is insensitive to changes in climatic conditions. 

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  • Overall Length: 137mm
  • Cable Length: 83mm
  • Diameter: 2.2mm
  • Size: Fits tailpieces 38-42cm



  • Fits very snugly to end-button and saddle
  • Does not stretch
  • Insusceptible to changing climate conditions
  • Evidently improves the sound
  • Instrument can be played instantly after installation of braided tailpiece wire. Unlike a nylon tailgut there is no additional stretching that would require a re-tuning of the instrument several times

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