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FPS Horsehair Cello Bow - 3/4


Recognised by teachers and the music trade alike as the go-to student cello bow. Found in all Enrico cello outfits and Gliga III outfits. 3/4 size.

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The FPS series of cello bows offer the best quality student bows for the price point, featuring a strong but flexible stick and hand-carved fully mounted ebony frog. The frog consists of a special FPS design that evenly spreads the hair ribbon to avoid bunching and includes a self-locking mortise wedge to eliminate slip.

The FPS bow range use only hand selected, non-endangered species replicating the desired properties of Brazilwood and Pernambuco.


Due to centuries of exploitation, both Brazilwood & Pernambuco (which are taken from different sections of the same tree) are now endangered and have been placed on the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) IUCN Red List of endangered & restricted materials.


This bow can be found in the following well-known cello outfits:

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